Too-easy Blueberry Muffins

Donna Hay – Fast, Fresh, Simple

I have made this recipe four times now and I can tell you now I am only a repeat baker when the recipe a) tastes amazing b) its super easy to make, or c) it’s a personal challenge that I want to conquer and show whose boss. This recipe is definitely in category b!

All you need to start is two bowls one to mix the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder and sugar) and one to mix the wet ingredients (oil, egg, milk and vanilla). Then you mix it all together!

These muffins are actually really easy to make, less is more, and you do not want to over-mix the batter, this means less effort! Therefore when you do give it the ole stir make sure your spoon gets right down to the bottom of the bowl and also I like to use a slightly larger spoon so the batter doesn’t get cut up so much and release too much air. Overdoing it will leave your muffins tough and doughy.

My only qualm with Donna’s recipe is it can feel a little on the dry side. I like to judge this about halfway through your mixing; therefore it is a lot easier to add an extra splash of milk at this point to mix through.

Lastly you want to add your blueberries. You also don’t want to over mix at this point for two reasons; first as before you don’t want tough batter and second the colour of the blueberries will transfer through batter and make it dark in colour. Once cooked it won’t be white and fluffy looking.

I like to use papers in my muffin tin, this way you can make them with big muffin (tummy) tops and can still easily take them out of the tin after the cooking. Place a small handful of uncooked rice in the bottom before placing the papers in. This trick will make the bottoms less greasy. Once you have put the batter in sprinkle the tops with sugar, this will give the muffins a yummy crispy top once cooked.

Cook for 35 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Woohoo! Now you have the best easiest muffins to make ever!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. These muffins are so cute!


    1. copycatcooknz says:

      Thank you! They are super yummy too!


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