Banana Loaf

Sometimes our sweet tooth gets the better of us and we are just hanging out till dessert time to stuff our faces with cake. But now you don’t have to wait! One wise lady in my life (my flat mate Amy) once told me that because it’s called Banana ‘Loaf’ you could have it at any time of the day!

So there you go permission granted, you can make some lovely Banana loaf and eat it whenever you like and not feel guilty.

I love making Banana loaf with the brown bananas I’ve kept in the freezer for this very purpose! For the recipe I use Chelsea Sugar. Chelsea Sugar is a well-known New Zealand brand of sugar and other baking goods and you can trust in their recipes. They are also my go-to when I want to whip up some pancakes.

Now on to the recipe, like most baking, sift dry ingredients first and then mix in the wet. You do not need to sift the sugar; I have no idea why some recipes call for this! Sugar does not clump, do not waste your time, and just add it in after you have sifted the rest of the dry ingredients.

Instead of plain flour with baking powder I used self-raising flour but I still added the baking soda, this helps it rise and aerate. I would recommend adding four bananas, rather than three. This gives you a super nom moist loaf.

If you are adding and extra banana like me make sure you add a little bit more of the rising agents, both the soda and the powder. I did not think of this until after and this is why I ended up with a flat top.

My last pieces of advice don’t overthink and don’t over mix, this is a super easy recipe and the results are delicious!

I love to have my Banana loaf straight out of the oven with a blob of butter melted into it with a cup of tea.

Happy cooking!


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