Oreo Cheesecake – My own recipe!

I have made so many non-bake cheesecakes now that I can go visit the supermarket and know exactly what to get without a list.

My own cheesecake recipe has been developed from Chelsea Winter’s cheesecake and cheesecake torte recipes from Homemade Happiness, and this is what I came up with:

2x 200g of spreadable cream cheese

1x small bottle of whipped cream

1x melted block of whatever chocolate you want (I used white to go with the Oreo)

½ cup of icing sugar for added sweetness

– Mix with electric beater together in order as above.


1x packet of biscuits (Oreo in my case)

30g of butter or coconut oil

– Blend in food processor.

These are the ingredients I use for every single cheesecake, so easy. You can then vary the flavour by changing up the biscuit base i.e. chocolate, shortbread, adding chopped nuts etc. Also adding to the cheesecake mix with syrup e.g. passion fruit or crushed biscuits, like Oreos! Plus you can vary it with the toppings e.g. fresh fruit, whipped cream and biscuits.

Boom! Get making your own favourite cheesecake combinations.

Happy baking everyone!




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